When is all you can eat? +

AYCE is every day of the week! Lunch AYCE is 11am-3pm and dinner AYCE is 11am-8:30pm. We have AYCE dinner on Tuesdays all day, and AYCE Lunch all day on Thursdays. To be served, you must be seated by at the sushi bar. For dinner AYCE, you must be sitting at the sushi bar before 8:30pm. You can view our AYCE menus here.

How much is All You Can Eat? +

Lunch is $18.95 and Dinner is $28.95 except Tuesdays (on Tuesdays for all day Dinner AYCE it is $25)

Do you have an All You Can Eat menu? +

Yes, please see our lunch AYCE and dinner AYCE menu. Please note, for AYCE, you need to be seated at the sushi bar. For Dinner AYCE, you must be sitting at the sushi bar before 8:30pm.

Do you have a full downloadable menu?+

Yes, we do! Note that specials are for dine-in visits. You can find the menu here.

Do you have a takeout menu with platter options?+

Yes, you can find the takeout menu here.

Can I have my roll made without an ingredient (cream cheese,etc.)? +

Yes, you can ask your server or master chef, and they would be happy to accommodate for our regular menu items.

What are your daily specials (happy hour, kids eat free days, etc.)? +

You can find our daily specials here!

How do I check my gift card balance? +

You can check your balance here.

Do you offer gluten free options? +

Yes, we have a gluten free menu. Please be aware that we are NOT a gluten-free kitchen and although the items on our gluten-free menu do not include gluten, we cannot gaurantee 100% gluten-free items.

Do you Deliver? +

We don’t deliver, however, we are partnered through Uber Eats who delivers Trapper’s Sushi through their app and website.

Your Uber Eats locations says unavailable. What does that mean? +

Our location will not show that we are available outside of our business hours. If there are not enough Uber Eats drivers in the area that can also have it show as unavailable. If that happens, try to order again in a couple minutes.

What kind of birthday deal do you have? +

If you ask your server to sign up to our birthday club and provide your email, you receive a free dessert or appetizer during your birthday month!

Do you have nutritional facts available? +

We do not have nutritional facts available yet, however, they will be available soon!