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Modern Fusion Sushi Rolls

Trapper’s Sushi offers a restaurant where you can sample the best in traditional and modern sushi rolls. Our menu offers a great variety of over 28 long rolls, nigiri, and even non-sushi items. Our restaurants offer a family friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy a night out, or bring your closest friends and enjoy watching the game at the bar. So come on in and enjoy some fresh and delicious sushi creations at Trapper’s Sushi.

Specialty Rolls

Signatures Rolls prepared by master chef’s

Nigiri Sushi

two pieces per dish


Only the best ones from all over the world

Trapper’s Sushi philosophy is simple, give the best service and best food possible.

A delicious experience

We are a family friendly restaurant and kids love coming to eat at Trapper’s Sushi. We want to make sure EVERY customer that comes in feels like they had a great time and the food was outstanding.

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#Lacey #trapperssushi #RollOfTheWeek 😊

#Lacey #trapperssushi #RollOfTheWeek 😊

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